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Here’s just a small sample of his work:

It’s not every day that you can say you did a Mitzvah just by reading an article online, but with this new weekly series debuting today on TC Jewfolk, you can.

I’m part of a Torah study group, led by the Rabbis of Mount Zion Temple, that has been meeting weekly in downtown Minneapolis for over 15 years. Our particular approach has been to study, on average, a single verse per week, and to do so guided by the commentary of RAbbi SHlomo Itzhaki – better known by the acronym Rashi. As you might expect, at this rate we’re barely into Genesis (20:14, in fact), having just left Sodom and just before the birth of Isaac (though we have inklings it is near). To be precise, Abraham has just offered his wife Sarah to the king of Gerar, for reasons even he may not know, but trust me, we can explain.

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