Mount Zion’s Board of Directors approved, after input from the congregation, to take a stand as a congregation against the 2012 MN Ballot Proposition Concerning a Constitutional Marriage Amendment. Based on the Board resolution, Mount Zion will join coalitions seeking to defeat the constitutional amendment. The primary organization is called Minnesotans United for all Families. Their kickoff event is on Monday, September 19th.

Faith Organizing for Marriage Equality Campaign Kickoff!

Monday, Sept. 19, 6:00 – 8:30  p.m.
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (511 Groveland Avenue, Mpls)

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For more background information, read a Letter sent to the congregation on June 17, 2011

When is a right time to take a stand as a congregation?

This past spring, Mount Zion’s Board of Directors’ finalized a procedure for our congregation taking a stance on a controversial topic.

The procedure balances two needs: 1) Mount Zion is primarily a “welcoming and vibrant Jewish spiritual home” that attempts to be inclusive of all within our community, diverse as we are. 2) There are times when our Jewish values compel us to speak out as a congregation. (This will never be to endorse a political candidate, but it can be from both a Jewish ethical vantage point and legally, to endorse a position on a political issue.) To balance these potentially competing needs, Mount Zion’s Board will take stands on our congregation’s behalf judiciously and after input from the congregation.

There is an issue that will be affecting Minnesota and perhaps impact our country in the coming year and a half: the 2012 Ballot vote on a Constitutional Amendment on Marriage.

On June 14th, the Board of Directors discussed a position paper written by Rabbi Spilker. The position is based on the Reform Movement’s official position on marriage since 1996. Please see the attached documents for the position and background information.

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