Jewish Women Artists’ Circle Exhibit on display at Mount Zion

Creation and Kabbalah

An Exhibit of the Jewish Women Artists’ Circle
On display at Mount Zion from September 4 – October 31

Mount Zion is pleased to display original works of art by local artists from the Jewish Women Artists’ Circle.  The works are on two themes, creation and kabbalah/Jewish mysticism.  For both, the artists studied with teachers, explored texts and midrashim, and reflected as a group before making their own creations.  For “Creation”, the artists explored the first chapter of Genesis—the creation of heaven and earth, of light and darkness, of stars and water, and of living creatures. For “Kabbalah”, the works centered on a fundamental premise of Kabbalah that God is unknowable. The term for God is “Ayn Sof”—which means “there is no end…” Learn more:

Lucy Rose Fischer will speak at services on Friday, October 17. For more details, click here.