Day by Day: Mussar Reflections for Elul

A personal preparation for approaching the High Holy Days.

Elul, the last month of the Jewish year, is a time of special sanctity as we prepare for the coming Holy Days. It is a time for Cheshbon Nefesh, accounting of the soul. This year, Elul coincides exactly with September, and we are offering an opportunity for reflection as part of MZ Connect. For each day of the month of Elul, there is a Mussar Middah (Soul Trait), a text to study, and questions for reflection designed to assist you in preparing your own Cheshbon Nefesh. It is our hope that by engaging in this sustained period of reflection, you will be better prepared to experience the transformative potential and deep meaning of the High Holy Days.

If you would like to receive this collection of Mussar Teachings for Elul, please email Rabbi Adler.