Tzedek Summer 2020: Campaign to Pursue Racial Justice, Climate Justice, Immigrant Justice and Civic Engagement

לֹ֥א תוּכַ֖ל לְהִתְעַלֵּֽם׃
“You shall not hide yourself.” – Deuteronomy 22:3

In pursuit of showing up with our full selves, the Tzedek Committee is conducting a campaign based on sharing stories and building relationships both within Mount Zion Temple and with diverse partners in the community. We believe that the actions we take in the public square — voting, service, advocacy, activism, and others — are gifts we give to the people in our lives and in our broader community whom we love and care about.

This campaign has four goals:

  1. Build deeper relationships among Mount Zion members to take action cross-generationally on racial justice, climate change, immigrant rights and voting.
  2. Strengthen closer relationships and partnerships with diverse communities and organizations to take action on community-defined equity and social justice initiatives.
  3. Increase members’ personal understanding of the effects of racism and its intersection with other justice issues in our Mount Zion community, through books, films and programs.
  4. Engage Mount Zion members as collaborating partners with diverse groups to increase voter turnout and change policies on these justice issues.

To accomplish these goals, we intend to conduct 360 conversations within Mount Zion through Zoom and social distanced meetings, one-on-one and later in groups. Some of you may remember that Mount Zion has done similar work in the past. We will also build closer partnerships with groups like Minnesota Voice, Hallie Q. Brown and the Neighborhood House to work on voter engagement and voter turnout. We plan to conduct a training in late July and start the conversations in August. If you are interested in this campaign and want to participate, please get in touch with Vic Rosenthal, co-chair of the Tzedek Committee. Review the plan.