Windows on Teshuvah

An online class by Rabbi Shai Held from the Hadar Institute

We are encouraging all adults at Mount Zion to delve into deep learning this August. Hadar will help you find a study partner (chevruta) for this self-directed study between online sessions.

Discounted cost: $18 – Use code “mountziontemple” when you register here by July 30.

Registration is now open for the Elul cycle of Project Zug, Hadar’s online chevruta (paired) learning program, featuring a brand new course called “Windows on Teshuvah” with Rabbi Shai Held. The kickoff lecture will be August 8, 6:30 pm, and concluding Lecture on September 5, 6:30 pm.

Teshuvah, often translated as “repentance,” is one of the central concepts in Jewish life—throughout the year but especially in preparation for the High Holidays. We will explore what teshuvah actually entails, and how we can demonstrate that we’ve changed.

How does it work? Sign up with your own learning partner – or tell us about yourself and we’ll match you with someone new! The cycle will kick off on August 8 and conclude on September 5 with live online lectures with Rabbi Shai Held. In between, participants will meet with their chevruta four times, discussing and conceptualizing core questions around teshuvah. Each session will offer a window into this fundamental question: what does it take for a person to change?

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