Updated Covid-19 Policies

Welcoming all in person or online with updated Covid protocols

We have entered a new stage of the pandemic even with the uncertainty of new variants and the continued spread of Covid-19. While we take responsibility as a community for each other, we each now have more tools for making individual choices about our health safety.

Last year we were able to be together in person and online. Some of our services were outside under a tent because vaccines were not available to children. This year the building will be open to all; however, due to the long time that we will be inside, we want all to have the safety that masking provides. We also are continuing to improve our air circulation throughout the building.

What we expect of you:

  • Masking: As a community, we are maintaining our high-quality mask mandate for all (four years and older) who enter our building. Please wear your N95, KN95, or KF94 masks.
  • Vaccinations: We teach the value of pikuach nefesh, saving life, and from that principle we learn that having up-to-date vaccinations, including boosters, is a mitzvah (commandment) in Judaism. Fortunately, this is a message well received and observed in our community. We are going to take our staff out of the position of monitoring vaccines and testing and we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination or testing to enter the building.
  • Feeling sick? Please stay home if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. We ask anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 to stay home for at least 10 days after symptom onset or date of the positive test AND be antigen-negative on a rapid test.

We have worked throughout this evolving pandemic to maintain adequate protections based on science. Recognizing a diversity of opinions within our community, we want to close with the value we have stated throughout the pandemic:

Chesed “Profound Love and Kindness”: Decisions around our operations and the risks involved create uncertainty, grief, and anxiety. Each of us will have different comfort levels. We will act with tremendous love and kindness toward each other.

We will do this, and as always, we approach the arrival of the new Jewish year with awe.

Michael Wall, President
Julie Ostrowsky, Chair, Opening Task Force
Larry Solomon, Executive Director
Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi

The Opening Task Force members (with their expertise): Julie Ostrowsky, Chair (epidemiology); Ian Ellis (corporate facilities manager); Phil Goldman (legal, OSHA/industrial hygiene); David Knapp (safety and security); Dr. Gary Kravitz (public health, infectious disease practitioner); Joan Ostrove (inclusion and accessibility); Hannah Siegel (public health, New York City); Neil Segal (operations, Ames Center performance venue); Michael Wall (President), Larry Solomon, Sue Summit, and Rabbi Spilker.