Mount Zion Journey to Poland

History, Heritage, and Hope
June 2-10, 2024
With Rabbi Esther Adler & Co-hosts Phil and Renae Goldman

Cost per person with 20 participants (land only): In a double room: $4350 per person, in single room $4980. If there are 30 participants, costs will go down.

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For 1000 years, Poland was the heartland of European Jewish life and culture. Rabbinic Judaism, Yiddish and Hebrew literature, secular Jewish political parties, and other forms of a vital, diverse Jewish culture flourished in Poland until the Holocaust, when it became a central part of one of the most devastating moments of our history.

With experienced educator guides we will explore Poland’s rich Jewish legacy, Holocaust sites, and Jewish cultural resurgence. There will be opportunities to reflect on our experiences, meet locals, and enjoy good food and music. Highlights include: