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    Main phone number: 651-698-3881. To bypass the automated message, you can enter in any extension below and be directly connected to voicemail.

    Staff extensions

    Rabbi Spilker: ext. 106
    Rabbi Adler: ext. 108
    Cantor Strauss-Klein: ext. 105
    Cantor Spilker: ext. 111
    Terese McCauley, Rabbis’ and Cantors’ Assistant: ext. 107
    Kate Tucker Sicher, Executive Director: ext. 103
    Rabbi Heather Renetzky, Director of Congregational Engagement: ext. 112
    Alisha Sawyer, Religious School Director: ext. 130
    Abby Gore, Director of Youth and Young Adult Engagement: ext. 131
    Janelle Norlien, Finance Manager: ext. 113
    Teresa Matzek, Communications Coordinator: ext. 129
    Gabby Helf, Event and Engagement Coordinator: ext. 119
    Elias Pastrana Navarro, Maintenance: ext. 120