The Board of Directors adopted the following Vision statement on Tuesday, December 9th, 2003, with input from over 550 Mount Zion members:

Mount Zion

A welcoming and vibrant Jewish spiritual home

Mount Zion Temple is a Reform Jewish congregation devoted to life-long learning, worship, and acts of loving kindness. In our holy community, we celebrate, comfort, and create meaning in our lives while we seek justice in our world.

Holy Community of Mount Zion / Kehillah Kedoshah Har Tzion

We are a diverse and inclusive multigenerational community. While honoring our congregational history and the traditions of Judaism, we respond creatively to our modern world. Through effective leadership and responsible management, we support our three core values:

Life-long Learning / Torah

As a center of life-long learning, we:

  • Teach and examine our sacred texts, traditions, and values in varied, deep and engaging ways for all ages and abilities.
  • Value and respond to our youth and help them feel connected to Judaism and our community.
  • Inspire ourselves to live ever more knowledgeable Jewish lives.
  • Promote Jewish culture through music and the arts.

Worship / Avodah

As a sanctuary for worship, we:

  • Nurture a positive connection to God, Jewish tradition, and each other.
  • Join in meaningful prayer services enriched with music.
  • Share and experience poignant moments throughout the cycle of life.
  • Enrich our religious journeys through theological and ritual growth.

Acts of Loving Kindness and Justice / Gemilut Chasadim

As a home for acts of loving kindness and justice, we:

  • Care for one another, particularly in times of need.
  • Reach out with compassion and respect to underserved populations within our congregation and our community.
  • Support world Jewry and our historic and spiritual bond to Israel; promote in the Jewish state the values of democracy, justice, and pluralism.
  • Seek peace and pursue justice, locally and globally, in partnership with others.