Who We Are:

The Tzedek Committee (Social Justice and Action Committee) is an inclusive, intergenerational group of Mount Zion members and their friends who promote the application of Jewish values in pursuit of social action and justice. We create justice in our community through Panim el Panim, face to face relationship building. We are motivated by three core Jewish values:

1. Yitziat Mitzrayim: We were redeemed from Egypt; we know what it is like to be the stranger. (Experiential Motivation)

2. B’tzelem Elohim: We are all created in the image of God. (Theological Motivation)

3. Tikkun Olam: The world was created imperfectly; we partner with God to repair it. (Existential Motivation)

Therefore, our Tzedek Committee Mission is:

  • To strengthen relationships with others, both inside and outside Mount Zion Temple as a vehicle for social justice.
  • To integrate social justice into the entire fabric of the synagogue
  • To create multiple opportunities for congregants to participate in acts of loving kindness and social justice.
  • To encourage and facilitate congregants’ civic engagement.
  • To continue Mount Zion Temple’s long history of involvement in the larger community by working in partnership with others, including our formal ones. Since 2004,our formal partners are Neighborhood House (our historic partner for over 100 years), Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Jeremiah Program (our neighborhood, interfaith partner), and Jewish Community Action (our community advocacy partner).

We will focus on:

Focus 1: Our congregational community

a) To pursue social justice work that engages the entire community.
b) To serve as a coordinating body for social justice and social action work that engages the entire Mount Zion community.
c) To work effectively with Mount Zion Temple leadership in determining policy statements on current issues.

Focus 2: Our community partners

a) To build relationships with community partners.
b) To engage with organizations locally and nationally on social justice and social action efforts.
c) To work with organizations that pursue justice in Israel.

Focus 3: The community of legislators and public policy makers

a) To keep aware of legislation and policy decisions of social justice import.
b) To engage in advocacy when necessary and appropriate.

To accomplish this vision Mount Zion Temple has formed partnerships with three community organizations which help our members fulfill our vision:  Jewish Community ActionNeighborhood House, and Jeremiah Program.

Mount Zion Temple’s Tzedek Committee Mission

(Social Justice and Action Committee)
Adopted by the Board of Directors – February 10, 2015 / 22 Shevat 5775
Click here for a pdf of the Tzedek Mission Statement.

Click image below to read our Tzedek brochure from our Year of Tzedek (2012-13) – The Values and Stories Still Inspire.

Reform Movement Positions on Social Justice

The Union for Reform Judaism is continually updating its positions on Social Justice issues. For the most recent positions, please go to the Religious Action Center, our movement’s voice in the national and international arenas.