The Tzedek Committee’s goal is to educate Mount Zion members on a range of advocacy issues and, as appropriate, to inform members how they may advocate on issues of interest to them.

There are a number of organizations that advocate on social justice issues. Some examples of these organizations, their priority issues, and links to their websites are as follows:

  • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) ( Antisemitism and Hate Crimes; Civil Liberties; Criminal Justice Reform; Disability Rights; Economic Justice; Environment and Climate Change; Gun Violence and Prevention; Health Care; Immigration; International Issues; LGBTQ+ Equality; Racial Justice; Reproductive Health and Rights; Separation of Church and State; Voting and Civil Rights; and Women’s Rights. In addition to providing background information on issues, the website provides ways to advocate on issues at the national level as well as provide information States that may be helpful in Minnesota.
  • Jewish Community Action (JCA) ( divides its advocacy into four campaigns: Housing Justice; Decriminalizing Communities; Combating Hate; and Multiracial Democracy. They have a mailing list. They have ways to get involved.
  • Rise & Repair ( is a shared network of 25 local and state-wide organizations advancing Indigenous rights and climate justice during the 2024 session in Minnesota. For 2024, Rise and Repair supports five platforms: reparations and sovereignty; climate goals and truth telling; economic development and just transition; regulatory protection of people, land, air and water; and environmental justice.
  • Jewish Community Relations Council Minnesota and Dakotas (JCRC) ( Current public policy objectives are: Current efforts include supporting Holocaust and Genocide education in Minnesota’s public schools, increasing funding for the JFCS’ ParentChild+ program, renewing funding for the Supplemental Nonprofit Security Grant Program, ensuring an inclusive approach to ethnic studies, securing rate increases for long-term care employees, supporting hate crimes legislation, providing drivers licenses for undocumented workers, and expanding gun violence prevention measures in Minnesota statutes.
  • Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC) ( Its 2024 advocacy efforts include: funding for additional inpatient mental health and addiction treatment beds; additional funding for emergency shelter and transitional housing; sheltering a portion of wages/income from garnishment in debt collections; dedicated, long-term housing for people with severe mental illness; and addressing gambling expansion.