At Mount Zion Temple our doors are open. We are a diverse, inclusive community. We strive to remove barriers and increase accessibility and inclusion for those with varying abilities. Let us know how we can help you participate more fully in our community.


We have a lot of reading material for you on accessibility and inclusion. Visit our Reading Page to see the lists of:

Working Group Members

(Positions, Areas of Interest, Contact Information)

  • Sarah McVicar, Chair
  • Joan Ostrove (Education, Oversight, Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
  • Cantor Spilker (Clergy Liaison, Outreach)
  • Anne Starr (Mobility and Liaison for Event Planning)
  • Sheri Frisque (Vision)
  • Mavis Goldstein (Food Sensitivities)
  • Susan Summit (Education Director)
  • Al Levin (Co-Chair, Mental Health Taskforce)
  • Anna Fox (Co-Chair, Mental Health Taskforce)

If you would like to contact the Working Group, email Cantor Spilker.

What We Offer

  • Accommodations for B’nei Mitzvah
  • Looped hearing system that works with hearing aids, amplifiers, headsets
  • ASL interpreters upon request
  • Accessible bathroom near kitchen
  • Accessible entrances at front and alley doors
  • Disability parking on Summit and in kitchen parking lot
  • Flexible seating in sanctuary
  • Elevator to bimah and ark
  • Low scent flowers
  • Hand held magnifiers
  • Reading glasses
  • Braille signage on doors
  • Adjustable print sizes on website
  • Increased sized print on mobile devices
  • Books for children during services
  • Participation in Jewish Disability Awareness Month
  • Books for adults and children on disability in Mount Zion library
  • Closed circuit television in small sanctuary for optional quieter space
  • Live streaming of services
  • Increased gluten, dairy and nut free options at events
  • Fidget toys to focus during services
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