Formerly Prime Timers

Begegenen: Yiddish – to meet, encounter
(it’s not your Bubbe’s PrimeTimers anymore)

Join us as we continue existing traditions, while creating new experiences, with an expanded focus on history and community, both within Mount Zion and the broader Twin Cities community. Best of all – the 55-year age limit has been rescinded, and Begegeners of all ages are welcome! You can join our Facebook group to learn more or contact Shai Avny.

Begegenen Events

    Community Summer Picnic

    August 18 at 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Sponsored by Women of Mount Zion, Brotherhood, and Begegenen Food and beverages are free! The park features a picnic area, play area, BBQ grills, hiking and biking trails, public art, and more. Do you have kids under 16 years old? … Continue reading »