Mount Zion is always open to new members. While everyone is welcome to participate in what we have to offer, membership is open to households in which at least one person is Jewish.

We are an inclusive congregation where single adult, interfaith, and LGBTQ households as well as one-parent and adoptive families can find a home.

All are welcome regardless of your financial commitment. Our Fair Share Dues system is equitable, progressive, rooted in Jewish values, and non-judgmental. Suggested giving is progressive and based upon each household member’s ability to contribute.

Bruchim Haba’im ~ We Welcome You!

We hope that you will feel at home at Mount Zion soon after you become a member. The clergy, staff, and lay leadership are here to help you. Here are some opportunities:

What We Can Do For You

  • Connection – We can introduce you to other members who live in your area or who have common interests, similar background, or life stage.
  • New member activities – There are annual new member events, including Havdalah and a Shabbat dinner.
  • Religious school registration – We can help you through the process. It is done at the end of the prior school year, or whenever you join.

Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Know what’s going on! All temple events are listed here on our website, in our bulletin Iton Tziyon, and in the weekly email update This Week at Mount Zion. Participation in our programs is the fastest and easiest way to get started.
  • Explore your personal interests! Here is an overview of the group, committees, and programs Mount Zion offers. Please indicate your interests and we’ll contact you with the pertinent information.
  • Volunteer! As in any holy community, Mount Zion runs on volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet people, do good things, and learn about our congregation. There are volunteer opportunities to fit all time schedules and we hope you will consider volunteering. Learn more.
  • Learn the music! Familiarity with our Shabbat music will increase your comfort in services. We have CDs and online MP3 files so that you can learn and enjoy the melodies we most commonly use. Read and listen to prayers.

Interested? Questions?

Gabby Helf, our Event and Engagement Coordinator, would love to answer your questions or speak with you about membership.

To inquire about membership, just fill out the brief form below and Gabby will contact you. Or call the Temple at 651-698-3881.

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