What is Fair Share?

Fair Share is the name given to Mount Zion’s dues structure. The Fair Share dues structure is equitable, progressive, rooted in Jewish values, and non-judgmental. Suggested giving is progressive and based upon each household member’s ability to contribute.

What Do Our Fair Share Dues Cover?

Fair Share revenue covers approximately one-half of the cost of operating Mount Zion. Other sources of income include endowments, gifts and fees. Tuition for Religious School is included, but Religious School has an additional program fee.

Who Should I Contact With Questions Regarding Fair Share Dues?

The Fair Share dues program, including the yearly recommitment process, is administered by the Dues Committee. Questions regarding your dues can always be addressed to our Interim Executive Director Larry Solomon (651-698-3881; email).

To make a payment for your Annual Commitment/dues, click here.

What Else Should I Know About Fair Share?

Our Fair Share dues process is governed by the following Guiding Principles, adopted by the Dues Committee in 2009:

  • Mount Zion is a holy community that values and will continue to serve all of its members, regardless of their individual financial abilities and specific needs.
  • Our members are diverse, with different individual needs and abilities throughout their lives, but all of us have an ethical and moral obligation to support Mount Zion to the best of our abilities so we can together fully serve our entire community.
  • In order to meet our obligations, our members have a need and right to know the costs of operating Mount Zion and offering its diverse programs to our community.
  • A flat fee, equal dues amount for every member is not possible. Fairness requires that individual dues need to be based on individual abilities, but reality requires that, collectively, we have to meet our financial obligations.
  • Our members have a right to have their privacy respected, and so Mount Zion does not require formal evidence of financial abilities, such as tax returns; but this is only possible if our members all recognize that they have an obligation, individually and collectively, to pay for Mount Zion’s financial needs.
  • For the dues structure to be fully successful, it is imperative that all of our members honestly assess their own level of ability, and generously contribute as much as they are able to contribute, in order to sustain a strong financial structure that assures the short and long-term future of our Mount Zion temple and community.