Books for Adults

Books in the Mount Zion Library

Aiken, Lisa. Why me, God? A Jewish guide for coping with suffering.
Amsel, Abraham. Judaism and psychology.
Bleich, J. David. Judaism and healing: halakhic perspectives.
Bulka, Reuven P., editor. Journal of Psychology and Judaism, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1976.
Cohen, Ruth. Remains of a cloud.
Cutter, William. Healing and the Jewish imagination: spiritual and practical perspectives on Judaism and health.
Dudman, Clare. 98 reasons for being: a novel.
Eger, Edith Eva. The choice: embrace the possible.
Feldman, David M. Health and medicine in the Jewish tradition.
Frankl, Viktor E. Man’s search for meaning: an introduction to Logotherapy.
Freeman, David L. Illness and health in the Jewish tradition: writings from the Bible to today.
Friedman, Edwin H. Generation to generation: family process in church and synagogue.
Gillespie, Gerald. The Kabbalah’s spiritual method to end your addiction.
Glazerson, Matityahu. Torah, light and healing: mystical insights into healing based on the Hebrew language.
Goldman, Alex J. Judaism confronts contemporary issues.
Gordon, Noah. The Rabbi.
Green, Lilian. Ordinary wonders: living recovery from sexual abuse.
Greenberg, Joanne. I never promised you a rose garden.
Kaplan, Kalman J. Jewish approaches to suicide, martyrdom, and euthanasia.
Malzberg, Benjamin. Mental disease among Jews in New York State.
Meier, Levi. Jewish values in psychotherapy: essays on vital issues on the search for meaning.
Mencher, Edythe Held. Resilience of the soul: developing emotional and spiritual resilience in adolescents and their families.
Merkin, Daphne. This close to happy: a reckoning with depression.
Olitzky, Kerry M. Jewish paths toward healing and wholeness.
Olitzky, Kerry M. 100 blessings every day (Daily Twelve Step recovery affirmations).
Olitzky, Kerry M. Recovery from codependence: a Jewish Twelve Steps guide to healing your soul.
Olitzky, Kerry M. Renewal each day: daily Twelve Step recovery meditations based on the Bible.
Olitzky, Kerry M. Twelve Jewish Steps to recovery.
Patai, Raphael. The Jewish mind.
Pick, Alison. Between gods: a memoir.
Rosner. Fred, and Bleich, J. David. Jewish bioethics.
Siegel, Rachel Josefowitz. Jewish women in therapy.
Solomon, Andrew. The Noonday demon: an atlas of depression.
Spero, Moshe Halevi. Judaism and psychology: halakhic perspectives.
Taub, Shais. God of our understanding: Jewish spirituality and recovery from addiction.
Weiner, Kayla, and Moon, Arinna. Jewish women speak out: expanding the boundaries of psychology.
Wiesel, Elie. Four Hasidic masters and their struggle against melancholy.
Zeligs, Dorothy F. Psychoanalysis and the Bible: a study in depth of seven leaders.

Books for Teens and Young Adult

Books in the Mount Zion Library

Almagor, Gila. The summer of Aviya. (Fiction)
Fried, Scott. A private midnight: a teenager’s scrapbook of secrets.
Fried, Scott. If I grow up: talking with teens about AIDS, love, and staying alive.
Gordon, Sol. When living hurts.
Hiranandani, Veera. The whole story of half a girl.
Koss, Amy Goldman. Stolen words.
Oehlberg, Barbara. Making it better: activities for children living in a stressful world.

Books for children

Books in the Mount Zion Library

Editors of Child’s World. How do you feel?

Spellman, Cornelia Maude. When I feel angry.

Watson, Jane Werner. Sometimes I’m afraid.

Watson, Jane Werner. Sometimes I’m angry.


Life Lights Pamphlets Available in Clergy Study

Schulweis, Rabbi Harold M. Bringing Your Sadness to God.

Frank, Dr. Miriam and Wenig, Rabbi Margaret Moers, When Madness Comes Home: Living in the Shadow of a Loved One’s Serious Mental Illness.


Sh’ma Koleinu: A Sermon on Mental Illness” by Rabbi Esther Adler

A Rabbi’s Message on Mental Illness” by Saul Levin, M.D., M.P.A.