Books in the Mount Zion Library

Aiken, Lisa. Why me, God? A Jewish guide for coping with suffering.
Amsel, Abraham. Judaism and psychology.
Bleich, J. David. Judaism and healing: halakhic perspectives.
Bulka, Reuven P., editor. Journal of Psychology and Judaism, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1976.
Cohen, Ruth. Remains of a cloud.
Cutter, William. Healing and the Jewish imagination: spiritual and practical perspectives on Judaism and health.
Dudman, Clare. 98 reasons for being: a novel.
Eger, Edith Eva. The choice: embrace the possible.
Feldman, David M. Health and medicine in the Jewish tradition.
Frankl, Viktor E. Man’s search for meaning: an introduction to Logotherapy.
Freeman, David L. Illness and health in the Jewish tradition: writings from the Bible to today.
Friedman, Edwin H. Generation to generation: family process in church and synagogue.
Gillespie, Gerald. The Kabbalah’s spiritual method to end your addiction.
Glazerson, Matityahu. Torah, light and healing: mystical insights into healing based on the Hebrew language.
Goldman, Alex J. Judaism confronts contemporary issues.
Gordon, Noah. The Rabbi.
Green, Lilian. Ordinary wonders: living recovery from sexual abuse.
Greenberg, Joanne. I never promised you a rose garden.
Kaplan, Kalman J. Jewish approaches to suicide, martyrdom, and euthanasia.
Malzberg, Benjamin. Mental disease among Jews in New York State.
Meier, Levi. Jewish values in psychotherapy: essays on vital issues on the search for meaning.
Mencher, Edythe Held. Resilience of the soul: developing emotional and spiritual resilience in adolescents and their families.
Merkin, Daphne. This close to happy: a reckoning with depression.
Olitzky, Kerry M. Jewish paths toward healing and wholeness.
Olitzky, Kerry M. 100 blessings every day (Daily Twelve Step recovery affirmations).
Olitzky, Kerry M. Recovery from codependence: a Jewish Twelve Steps guide to healing your soul.
Olitzky, Kerry M. Renewal each day: daily Twelve Step recovery meditations based on the Bible.
Olitzky, Kerry M. Twelve Jewish Steps to recovery.
Patai, Raphael. The Jewish mind.
Pick, Alison. Between gods: a memoir.
Rosner. Fred, and Bleich, J. David. Jewish bioethics.
Siegel, Rachel Josefowitz. Jewish women in therapy.
Solomon, Andrew. The Noonday demon: an atlas of depression.
Spero, Moshe Halevi. Judaism and psychology: halakhic perspectives.
Taub, Shais. God of our understanding: Jewish spirituality and recovery from addiction.
Weiner, Kayla, and Moon, Arinna. Jewish women speak out: expanding the boundaries of psychology.
Wiesel, Elie. Four Hasidic masters and their struggle against melancholy.
Zeligs, Dorothy F. Psychoanalysis and the Bible: a study in depth of seven leaders.