Mount Zion’s success is dependent on so many volunteers who work in many different programs and functions. Thank you to everyone who is able to help once, periodically, or on an on-going basis!

Short Commitment Opportunities: There are volunteer opportunities that can be done once with great appreciation or repeated as many times as you wish:

  • Leading a daily service (in English)
  • Chanting Torah or Haftarah on Shabbat
  • Helping with a meal or a ride through our Caring Community
  • Helping send out our bulletin with our office staff
  • Serving in our annual Garage Sale run by Women of Mount Zion Temple in July/August
  • One day or night at the family shelter we host every June (through Project HOME)
  • Choosing a tzedek (social justice) opportunity as they arise
  • Being a greeter at a Religious School event or special congregational event

Longer-Term Commitment Opportunities: There are volunteer opportunities that involve more training, time and relationship building

To learn more, please contact the Temple office at 651-698-3881.