Food for Thought & Shabbat for the Soul

Friday, May 26

5:45 pm Food Before the Thought

6:15 pm Food for Thought: Mussar can change your life! Hear congregants’ real life experiences and teachings.
Congregants speaking: Judith Brook, Karmit & Charlie Bulman, Kate Cavett, Julie Dean, David Epstein, Robert Garfinkle, Jillian Holliday, Michael Kuhne & Mandy Roll-Kuhne, Sarah McVicar, Dan Rybeck & Kate Searls, Jill Spanier, Lisa Taran-Maddy.

Join us to celebrate and honor current participants in Mount Zion’s ongoing Mussar groups as they approach the conclusion of a nine month course of study. Come hear from our fellow congregants how their practice and study of middot (soul traits) has enriched and transformed their lives. This will be an uplifting and engaging hour before services to inspire, connect and share in meaningful learning together.   Mount Zion will be starting three new Mussar groups this Fall.  Friday night will be a great time to hear how people in our congregation are being impacted by Mussar learning and also to see if it’s something you want to do!   


7:30 pm Shabbat for the Soul
The service will be in Margolis Hall with chairs in a circle to create a more intimate and contemplative space. We will pray from a single page, mostly without a prayer book, with beautiful musical instrumentation featuring violin, guitar, piano, and drum.

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