Saturday, September 16

The Night that ushers in the High Holy Days

Exploring the Mysteries and Myths of the Veil:
The Veil in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Dr. Susanna Drake, Chair, Religious Studies, Macalester College

8:30 pm – Program During the High Holy Days, as we reflect on our lives, we become aware of how we veil our true selves in metaphoric ways. On this night of Selichot, Dr. Drake will talk about the physical veil (head covering/hijab) and the ways it can both cover and communicate a woman’s identity and how that understanding differs among religions and cultures. You may be surprised by how much you identify with women who choose the veil, and empathize with those for whom the veil is not a choice. We will end with the question of what “veils” we choose, or not, in our own lives.

9:45 pm – Reception

10:15 pm – Havdalah and Selichot Service featuring a new, provocative prayer book Mishkan haLev (Tabernacle of the Heart.)

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