Shabbat for the Soul – Honoring Women of Mount Zion Temple

Friday, November 17

Pulpit Guest: Rabbi Leigh Lerner

7:30 p.m. Shabbat for the Soul Services in Margolis Hall; Honoring Mount Zion Temple
Shabbat is always for the soul, but there is a ­particularly soulful atmosphere at our “Shabbat for the Soul” services. These services offer a more contemplative worship style, with the congregation sitting in the round, instrumental accompaniment including guitar, violin, ­keyboard and percussion, and a slower pace ­enabling us to focus on the meditative effect of the music, the deeper significance of our prayers… and each other. Here are some of our congregants’ impressions of Shabbat for the Soul last year:

“I felt more connected to my fellow congregants throughout the service; the physical arrangement and the creative liturgy made it seem more like we were worshipping as a community, not just as individuals.”

“The sermon felt like a conversation around a large table or campfire! It was intimate and engaging.”

8:30 p.m. (Approx; following services) The Jews of Italy: A Guided Tour
More than two millennia old with its own unique Jewish rite and unusual, elegant synagogues, the Italian Jewish community numbers a mere 30,000 souls yet took an active role in the unification of the country and has contributed two prime ministers! Today Italy counts four and a half Reform congregations. Rabbi Leigh Lerner is planning his sixth winter in Italy, contributing his help as a visiting rabbi to our Reform congregations in Florence, Rome, and Milan. He travels extensively, meeting Italian Jews and hearing their remarkable stories, even as he teaches classes and leads services in Italian. He’ll share with us his experiences and the story of Jewish Italy in a fully illustrated talk. Rabbi Lerner will also talk on Sunday, November 19 on Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox and Us.

Rabbi Lerner was Mount Zion’s Rabbi from 1971-89.

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