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High Holy Days Healing Service

September 23, 2017

A peaceful and comforting worship ­experience for anyone ­seeking healing and wholeness.
Led by our clergy, accompanied by flute and harp.

Cemetery Memorial Service

September 24, 2017

As a people, we are eternally linked to those who came before us. As individuals, we are especially mindful of family and friends who have died in the past year. In the spirit of remembrance, we ­annually conduct a special service at our cemetery. Please join us for a ­meaningful and ­reflective service. The cemetery is ­located at the ­intersection of Payne and Larpenteur Avenues. Come rain or shine!

Women of Mount Zion Temple Opening Meeting

September 24, 2017

“Nosh & Schmooze”

This is an engagement event to get to know the Women of Mount Zion Temple (formerly Sisterhood)! Please come to hear about our impact at Mount Zion and more!

Return and Restore: Gentle Yoga for a Fast Day

September 30, 2017

Led by Cantor Spilker and Nora Gordon of Big River Yoga

Perspective: Why Bother?

September 30, 2017

with Steve Silverman

As in years past, please join Steve Silverman in a Yom Kippur study session, continuing the “Why Bother?” series. This year, explore “Perspective: Why Bother?” Delve into whether and how perspective influences how we view our ­transgressions and our ability to transform bad behavior into acts of loving kindness.

Steve Silverman is a past President of Mount Zion and a life long Mount Zion member who has led fascinating discussions at Yom Kippur for many years.

Living in a Wicked Society

September 30, 2017

A Bibliodrama on the Book of Jonah on Yom Kippur
Facilitated by Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker

One of the challenges we face in the present historical moment is feeling like we live in a wicked society. What obligations does that put on us? What pressures do we live with? The Book of Jonah gives us an opportunity to delve into those questions. Nineveh is perhaps second only to Sodom as a biblical archetype of wickedness—but, remarkably, the text tells us almost nothing about the nature of that wickedness. This, in effect, makes the text a canvas onto which we can project our own midrashic imagination. About sixteen attendees to this session will be invited to participate.

A Taste of Honey: An Introduction to Judaism

October 2, 2017

Rabbi Esther Adler
Member: $36, Public: $75

This course provides students with a basic ­understanding of Jewish practice and belief. Topics ­include Jewish history, life cycle, ­Shabbat, theology, home ­observance and more! For anyone interested in ­learning more about ­Judaism and/or thinking about ­conversion.

Open Sukkah

October 7, 2017

Eat. Drink. Shake.
CONNECT with other Mount Zion members!
Open Sukkah at the home of Rabbi Esther Adler and Rob Lebowitz
(The address will be emailed to all congregants)

Chant the Torah!

October 8, 2017

Cantor Jennifer Strauss-Klein
$36 materials fee

Amaze your friends and influence people! How?

Learn to chant Torah!  

In just five sessions, you too can learn how to chant Torah! The chanting of Torah has always been one of the foremost ways to transmit our tradition. And Mount Zion needs YOU to do it!  We will be using the textbook The Art of Torah Cantillation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Chanting Torah by Cantors Marshall Portnoy and Josee Wolf. Participants are encouraged to chant at future Shabbat and Festival morning services.

The ability to read Hebrew is a prerequisite for the class.

Anshei Mitzvah: Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah

October 8, 2017

Sundays, 10:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (includes Trope class)
Oct 8, Nov 5 & 19, Dec 3 & 10, Jan 14 & 28; Feb 11 & 25; March 11 & 25; April 8 & 22; May 6

Cost: $118 (Scholarships available)

“Today I am a fountain pen!”*
If you never had the opportunity to stand up before your community and declare yourself…
If you have participated in Mazal classes or Torah Study…,
If you want to strengthen your knowledge
and deepen your commitment…
If you can decode Hebrew and are ready to learn Trope…

Now is the time to become an Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah!
This year’s class will become Anshei Mitzvah on Shabbat morning, May 19, 2018, just before Shavuot. Participants will study together throughout the year, then lead the service, chant Torah, and share their wisdom with a D’var Torah or D’var Tifilah (interpretation of a Torah portion or prayer). If you are interested, please contact Rabbi Adler.

*In the 1940s humorist Sam Levenson riffed on the expected Bar Mitzvah speech opening line “Today I am a man…”

Leadership Development Mussar

October 9, 2017

with Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker

Using the Seeking Everyday Holiness curriculum, Rabbi Spilker will lead members of the Mount Zion Board of Directors and Kehillah Council in a journey of exploring leadership from the inside out. Together, we will study 9 core middot, engage in group discussion, and share our personal practices. We will discuss how these soul traits impact ourselves, our congregation, and our perspectives as leaders. Come be a part of this dynamic learning circle of leadership!

Cost: The fee per person – including a book, materials, and webinars for the year is based on The Mussar Institute’s charge for use of their program materials. We are offering a sliding scale. Choose the fee that feels most comfortable for you: $72 (scholarship option) or $150 (our true costs) or $218 (sustainer option). Additional support is available from our clergy.

Celebrate Simchat Torah!

October 11, 2017

Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah

Join us as we renew our Torah cycle, reading the end of the Torah and then the beginning with the entire scroll unrolled around ­Margolis Hall. Dance with the Torah scrolls to the infectious rhythm of Mark Stillman and his Klezmer band!

Hebrew Marathon – Learn the Aleph – Bet in a Day

October 15, 2017

Cost: $36

Taught by Siana Goodwin
For those familiar with the aleph-bet, we will be reading from the Tanakh, ­learning to recognize word roots and constructions and increasing familiarity with Hebrew words, phrases, and rhythms.

Adventures in Mussar

October 22, 2017

If you have already taken “Seeking Everyday Holiness”, you can sign up for “Adventures in Mussar.”

Adventures in Mussarongoing middot study with Julie Dean – We will continue deepening our daily personal practice as well as our study of middot in these dynamic, inspiring learning groups. Participants will study both modern and traditional texts, including modern commentators, Kabbalistic interpretations, and Chasidic literature. Groups include guided visualization, chant, meditation, and experiential activities. Participants work closely with a chevruta (study partner) throughout the course. The Sunday group will be embarking on their fifth season of Mussar together. The Wednesday group welcomes new and returning participants committed to dedicated study, learning, and practice of Mussar.

When? Two options both facilitated by Julie Dean:

Sunday afternoons (4-6 pm) – in Uptown, Minneapolis, ALREADY FULL
Oct 22, Nov 5, 19, Dec 3, 17, Jan 14, 28, Feb 11, 25, Mar 11, 25, Apr 8, 22, May 6, 20, June 3
Register now!

Wednesday mornings (11am-1 pm) – held at Mount Zion, 6 openings
Oct 11, 25; Nov 8, 22; Dec 6, 20; Jan 10, 24; Feb 7, 21; Mar 7, 21; Apr 4, 18; May 2, 16
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We are offering a sliding scale. Choose the fee that feels most comfortable for you: $109 (scholarship option) or $218 (our true costs) or $324 (sustainer option). Additional support is available from our clergy.

Anti-Semitism in the Modern Era

October 25, 2017

A class about hate, bigotry, and prejudice in the West and in Muslim Lands
Instructor: Dr. Arie Zmora
Cost: $54; financial assistance is available from Larry Solomon or Rabbi Spilker. Learn more about this event »

Learn Hebrew This Year!

October 29, 2017


Follow synagogue services, be more involved in your children’s Jewish education, or simply enhance your own ties to Judaism.


Learn more about this event »

Mussar: Seeking Everyday Holiness

November 7, 2017

with Rabbi Heidi Waldmann

At the center of this course is the inspiring book Everyday Holiness by Alan Morinis, Dean of The Mussar Institute. The course will delve into 9 of the most important soul-traits (middot in Hebrew) that the book covers. The course involves group meetings and personal study and practice.

Cost: The fee per person – including a book, materials, and webinars for the year is based on The Mussar Institute’s charge for use of their program materials. We are offering a sliding scale. Choose the fee that feels most comfortable for you: $72 (scholarship option) or $150 (our true costs) or $218 (sustainer option). Additional support is available from our clergy.

Rabbi Heidi Waldmann, a member of Mount Zion, was ordained through the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 2005, followed by three years leading a Reform Congregation in Plattsburgh, NY, and eight years as Staff Chaplain at Indiana University Health North Hospital.

Learn more about all Mussar classes at Mount Zion.

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