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Facilitated by: Jacob Kraus and Diana Dean, Members of Mount Zion’s Tzedek Committee
How are immigration enforcement and criminal justice connected? What do our Jewish values and experience have to say about how we treat those who might be seen as the “other” or the “stranger?” What are the root causes of the challenges we see today? What are local governments doing to make the Twin Cities safe and welcoming for all who call it home, and how can we work with them to do even more?
Together we will explore potential answers to these and many other questions that lie at the heart of debates over immigration and criminal justice policy in Minnesota and beyond. In October 2017, Mount Zion took bold action to designate our community as an “Immigrant Justice Congregation,” pledging to “actively support immigrant justice in Minnesota and the United States” by educating ourselves on this issue, among other activities. This MZ Small Group, developed in partnership with Jewish Community Action’s Decriminalizing Communities Campaign, will be an opportunity to live out our commitment to immigrant justice and the connected issue of criminal justice reform.
Specifically, this space offers us the chance to:
Build deep relationships with one another around the values that might inform our work on these issues.
Learn about the history of incarceration and immigration enforcement in the United States.
Reflect on what that history means for us as individuals and as members of the communities we call home.
Explore opportunities to take action to make our local communities safe and welcoming for everyone.
We plan to start this group with six sessions spread out over the months of March, April, and May. We will schedule the meetings at times that work best for those who want to join the circle.
Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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