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I love stories, I love stores depicted in movies. I love Shabbat. I love snuggling in during the colder months watching movies on Shabbat. I would love to share this Shabbat experience with others when it is delightful to relax on a Shabbat afternoon, share a Jewish movie, and some pot-luck (dairy or parve) treats.

The initial plan is to meet the second Shabbat of the month, November through April. 3pm – 6pm. I will offer my home in Eagan, as I live in a cooperative with a party-room where we are not restricted in how many join in. If others want to open their homes, we may move around the cities.

As I have conceived this, my idea is adults, and youth who can watch any topic that is chosen. My initial concept is that this may not be the Shabbat afternoon activity for children who may get bored and need re-direction during an adult movie.

We may all suggest movies we want to share. To get us started I own a number of Jewish movies to consider. (Neil Simon’s: Biloxie Blues, Brighten Beach Memoirs, Broadway Bound; The Chosen; The Courageous Heart of Irean Sendler; Crossing Delancey; The Devil’s Arithmetic; Dirty Dancing; Fiddler On The Roof; The Frisco Kid; Gentleman’s Agreement; Hidden In Silence; Keeping The Faith; Jazz Singer; Jacob The Liar; Keeping Up With The Steins; Lost In Yonkers; Liberty Heights; Miracle at Moreau; My Favorite Year; Not In This Town; The Only Way; Out of The Ashes; Over The Brooklyn Bridge; Miss Rose White; Schindler’s List; School Ties; Yentel) Some are historical, some are fun, some are very accurate of our traditions, some not as much. And then, of course there are Coen brother’s movies . . .

Dates: November 10, 2018, December 8th, (Chanukah – maybe we will watch Not in This Town), January 12, 2019, February 9th, March 9th, April 13th.

Kate Cavett- 651-470-4410

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