Zoom is a video conferencing service that also allows participants to call in with their phone. While Mount Zion is closed during this global pandemic, we will continue to have meetings, study sessions, events, and potentially even services in the future by using Zoom.

Everyone can use Zoom. Even if you do not have a computer (or you know someone without a computer), you can use a phone to call in and listen.

A Few FAQs

I’ve never done anything like this. Can I make it work?
This “Zoom” service is relatively easy. Meaning, you will be asked to click on a link and download Zoom. The practice session is meant to talk through any concerns and teach you how to use it. OR you can call in the phone number provided, enter an ID number, and then participate with any phone.

Do I have to have a camera on my computer to be able to watch, and if I do have a camera, is there a way to turn it off?
By default (the way we will set up the meetings), attendees can see and hear without sharing video or audio of themselves with anyone. You control whether to turn on your camera or not.

What information do I have to provide when I register?
Some Mount Zion meetings will be done with registration. You’ll register for the meeting with your email, so Zoom can contact you about how to join the meeting. Your email will not be used for marketing or shared with anyone. When registering, what you enter in the First Name and Last Name fields will be shared with the meeting leader and other participants. You can make your name as anonymous as you wish.

Do I have to download anything? Is the download safe?
Zoom will invite you to download their software to your device or computer. The Zoom app allows you to watch live video and, if you wish, to participate by text chat, voice, and even video sharing. Downloading the software is not required. If you don’t, you’ll still be able to listen to the live conference through your web browser using the “join meeting” link Zoom will email you, or simply by dialing a US phone number. You won’t be able to the presenter and the other participants, nor participate in discussion, unless you choose to download the Zoom software.

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