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(Interviews with Phil Goldman as Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. These interviews have been edited and condensed.)

We will use this site periodically to introduce Mount Zion members to one another, one member at a time. We each have a story to tell, and those stories can build connections between us.

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Adam and his wife Ali are newcomers to Mount Zion, but have already started to become familiar figures, including with Adam joining our Rashi study group on Thursdays as time permits. As you will see below, our conversation last week turned out to be both timely and poignant, given the community commemoration of Yom Hashoah that was hosted later that week at Mount Zion. To the point where Adam suggested that we wait to take his snapshot at the commemoration, and in front of one of his favorite pieces in the exhibition “Lest We Forget” by Sandra Brick. The piece is entitled “Empty Frames” and combines the tradition of Jews leaving a stone when visiting a grave, with the stories of millions whose graves will never be found, and whose life’s stories will never be told, leaving behind but an empty frame.

Tell me about your growing up years.

I grew up on Irving Avenue in South Minneapolis. My mother Karon is still living there. She had grown up in a farming family near Aberdeen, South Dakota where she was the oldest of five. She started out at Brainerd community college and then finished here at the U, as a Phi Beta Kappa in English. She worked in sales for a lawyers’ cooperative publishing firm and did well enough by her late 20s to start investing in real estate, including our house on Irving, and a ten-unit apartment building near here, actually, at Selby and Lexington.

My father’s name was Philip. He passed away last January, and he was good bit older than my mother. The best we can tell he was born in about 1927. He was a Holocaust survivor who came herein ’48 or ’49, with the help of Jewish agencies, and he was taken in by a family in St. Paul. They may have been from Mount Zion. I still have to look into that.


At first there were three of us brothers. I was the second, and 18 months apart from both my older brother Kiva, and my younger brother Geoff, spelled with a G, so we called him Goof. Then when I was about seven my youngest brother Josh, or Justin, came along. And all four of us ended up going to Torah Academy in Saint Louis Park. My mom had grown up Lutheran so she converted, and she actually converted twice. The first time it was performed by a Reform Rabbi, but as we got into our teens, most of our classmates at Torah Academy were from observant orthodox families, and there were concerns that our family be strictly Kosher, so my mother and all of us boys went through the conversion ceremony as well, prior to my older brother’s bar mitzvah. It seemed odd but we did it.

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