Humans of Mount Zion

(Interviews with Phil Goldman as Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. These interviews have been edited and condensed.)

We will use this site periodically to introduce Mount Zion members to one another, one member at a time. We each have a story to tell, and those stories can build connections between us.

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This Week:


Diana Dean lives with her family in Saint Paul, including husband David Lipset and daughter Sophia. We initially met and talked briefly at a recent Tzedek Committee meeting, where I quickly realized that she might have a story to tell in this forum. As it turns out, Whole Foods was an appropriate place to meet, though the display case at Mount Zion seemed the ideal location for this photo.

Can you tell me about your growing up years?

I was born in Connecticut, but my grandparents owned a farm in Rhode Island, and we frequently went to visit them on weekends and summers. When my grandparents passed away, my father inherited the farm so we moved there when I was about eight or nine years old. It was a small, rocky, New England farm, in the Glocester township, where my grandpa had raised poultry – turkeys and chickens – and had a little apple orchard. So, our family has lived there for a few generations, doing subsistence farming, sometimes making a little income on the side. My sister is still living on the farm, but my brother now lives in Colorado where he started a helicopter business, including leasing and teaching.

In retrospect, by the time my dad moved us to the farm I think he had decided to embrace the life he had grown up with. He had also been interested in solar energy, during its earliest stages, and he built us a solar shower inside its own little house on the farm, where we could go out and take warm showers. It was great. In retrospect it was a great childhood because we really learned how to value our own labor. It was a good upbringing.

What did your folks do, before or besides farming? Read more

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