Humans of Mount Zion


February 18, 2016

Abbey and her wife Deirdre live in St. Paul with their sons Nadav and Matan. Deirdre serves as a Program Manager with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, while Abbey is a psychologist at The Center for the Victims of Torture. I … Continue reading »



February 11, 2016

Mia lives with her husband Seth Levin in Saint Anthony Park, where they are raising sons Aaron, who is currently at Grinnell, and Ethan, who will be starting at Macalester next fall, where he hopes to continue playing football as … Continue reading »



February 4, 2016

Born and raised in Needham, MA, Sue is the oldest of three children born to Barbara and Peter. Her undergrad years at Yale were followed in short order by medical school at Wash U., including studies in South Africa, and … Continue reading »



January 28, 2016

Peter and his wife Bonnie Rubinstein live in River Falls, Wisconsin, on property along the Kinickinnic River. It is there that he has long been active in a “mish mash” of endeavors, including most notably his avocation for theater. Bonnie … Continue reading »



January 21, 2016

As we approach the end of our first year of these Humans postings, I’ve opted to take the week off (go ahead, fire me!) – and will accept the kind offer of past Human Robert Garfinkle to profile yours truly … Continue reading »



January 14, 2016

Adam and Thyra moved to Minnesota from Philadelphia with their girls Talia and Maren in 2005, and have been members of Mount Zion ever since. He works as a professional, free-lance composer, and she works as a health psychologist at … Continue reading »



January 7, 2016

Margie’s life seems to revolve around her family, friends, and Judaism. Born and raised in Highland Park, she later graduated from beauty school, and lived at times in the San Francisco Bay area, where she had occasion to meet rock … Continue reading »



December 30, 2015

Rick is listed in the Internet Movie Database ( as “Director, Producer, Writer.” Unfortunately, that description seems to barely scratch the surface. If anything, his best accomplishment to date seems to have been finding his wife Nancy. She is well … Continue reading »



December 22, 2015

Mark and Jill have been married for 45 years, in the course of which they have had children Eric and Stephanie. The day we met, Mark had just picked up Jill after her flight from Santiago Chile, after having previously … Continue reading »



December 17, 2015

Sue joined our Leadership staff this year as Religious School Director. Having grown up in Richfield, MN, she graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where she met her husband Jeff, who himself had grown up in Connecticut, and within the Reform … Continue reading »



December 10, 2015

Don and his wife Rhoda are well known in the community, through their generosity and continued involvement in what seems to be most every aspect of our lives. I caught up with Don after an exercise class at the JCC … Continue reading »



December 3, 2015

Another transplant from Berkeley, CA, James is currently a Professor of Physics at Macalester, and lives in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood with wife Lisa. Together they have daughters Madelyne, an aspiring actress, writer, and director in LA, as well as Sophie, … Continue reading »