In addition to our formal Religious School classes and programs, we at Mount Zion encourage youth to be involved in synagogue and Jewish life in other ways as well.  In order to foster this involvement, we have a number of “informal” opportunities for youth to get together to make a difference, meet new Jewish friends, contribute to the community, and have fun.

  • We offer three different aged youth groups –Noar Tzion (4th-6th grade), Gesher JYG (7th-8th grade), and SPORTY (9th-12th grade)–that bring together similarly-aged youth for social and social action activities.
  • We run many weekend retreats and Shabbatonim (a retreat from Friday night to Saturday night) that bring youth together around many different focuses.
  • We have multiple choirs that youth (and adults) can sing in, and these choirs participate in community events and services.
  • We also encourage our youth to connect to Israel through a variety of programs.
  • We think Summer Camp can be a wonderful experience to foster a positive Jewish identity.

There is truly something for everyone, and we encourage you to get involved!