Welcome to Mount Zion Religious School!

We provide an enriching Jewish program dedicated to enriching the lives of our youth. We believe that successful Jewish learning is a partnership. We have created a vast array of experiences that will nourish the souls, minds, and hearts of the children, youth, and young adults who attend Mount Zion.

Lower School – PreK-6

Students develop positive Jewish identities through the study of Torah, Avodah (worship), Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and the performance of Mitzvot (commandments); acquire basic knowledge of Hebrew; study the history and rituals that mark Jewish time (holidays and life cycle) and important Jewish heroes, scholars and role models who influence our Jewish lives today.

Chai School – Grades 7-12

Students continue to develop positive Jewish identities by exploring the ways in which Jewish values are central to all life choices; become active members of the Mount Zion community and develop a connection to the greater Jewish community including the State of Israel, K’lal Yisrael; explore their relationship with God; engage in Torah study and gain a working knowledge of how our sages interacted with the Torah text; and understand the importance of life-long Jewish study.

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