We strive to create a nurturing, safe and caring Religious School.
We are committed to these goals:

1. To develop in our students a positive Jewish identity.

2. To affirm in our children their eternal covenant with God through the study of Torah, Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and the performance of Mitzvot (commandments), in keeping with the principles of Reform Judaism.

3. To create an environment that encourages our students to become active members of the Mount Zion community and develop a connection to the greater Jewish community, K’lal Yisrael.

4. To develop a bond between our students and their religious school community and the State of Israel, a bond which we hope will translate to a desire to support and visit the Jewish state.

5. To acquire basic knowledge of Hebrew, the language of our people.

6. To enable students to actively participate in T’filah (Jewish Prayer) in school, as part of our congregation, and in other Jewish communities.

7. To celebrate Jewish holidays and to come to understand the history and rituals that mark Jewish time.

8. To become familiar with important Jewish heroes, scholars and role models across time.

9. To enable students to explore their relationship with God.

10. To engage in Torah study and gain a working knowledge of how our sages interacted with the Torah text.

11. To communicate to all students the importance of ongoing Torah study as central to one’s Jewish life.

12. To teach the Jewish life cycle ceremonies and to learn to observe them.

13. To encourage cooperation and respect for one another, respect for one’s family, neighbors, and friends and the stranger among us.

14. To encourage informal educational activities through youth group, Shabbatonim (retreats that take place over or during Shabbat which is Friday night and all day Saturday), Jewish camp, and through other Temple sponsored activities.