Committee Members:

Chad Weinstein (Chair)

Anna Fox, Jason Kaufman, Yvonne Lerew, Toby Kathan, Sarah Weinman, Charles Levine, Abbey Kanzer

The Mount Zion Religious School Committee is composed of parents & grandparents representing a cross-section of the school. The chair of the Religious School Committee facilitates meetings and guides the work of the committee. The Religious School Director and Cantor Jennifer Strauss-Klein are resource people who are called upon to give advice and direction based on their professional knowledge and experience. The Religious School Director meet regularly with clergy and professional staff to ensure a unified congregational vision.

The committee defines, promotes and supports quality Jewish education for all students at Mount Zion Temple. It also strives to maintain a positive and healthy Jewish learning environment supported by and derived from the mission statement of Mount Zion Temple and of the Reform Movement. An important goal of the committee is to facilitate open communication on all levels: amongst students, parents and teachers enabling the learning process to be a partnership between all involved, and between our committee, other committees and synagogue leadership.

In order to achieve the above, each committee member shall:

  • Be a representative of the congregation. Therefore, each member has a responsibility for asking temple members for their thoughts concerning ensuing decisions and other issues and bringing feedback to committee meetings.
  • Be knowledgeable about Mount Zion’s Religious School programs. Committee members will exhibit care and concern for the Jewish education of all children (regardless of their own children’s ages and abilities).
  • Be responsible for adopting and reviewing the Vision, Mission and Values of the Religious School Program.
  • Support and encourage teachers in our school by celebrating Jewish education and Jewish educators.
  • Regularly attend monthly committee meetings. Each committee member is responsible for notifying the chairperson if unable to attend. Regular attendance at meetings is important for successful continued and productive work.
  • Agree to three year term of committee membership. Members will use the third year to train in new members.
  • Be involved in planning and evaluation. This involves the examination of existing practices and procedures in relation to the needs of students, parents and teachers and continuously making adjustments if needed. This includes issues such as discipline, safety, programming and the integration of Jewish values into the school.
  • Assist with special school programs by staffing of Religious School events as needed, enlisting other parents as volunteers, and serving on a sub-committee.
  • Share their thoughts and feedback freely at meetings.
  • Accept certain responsibilities that may require follow-up (e.g. making phone calls, reading an article, reviewing written policies).

If you have questions about the Religious School Committee, please contact Alisha Sawyer, Religious School Director.