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MaZAL Brochure 17-18

Upcoming Adult Education Offerings 2017-18

Click here to view our MaZAL (Adult Learning Opportunities) Brochure. Below are some of the highlights of what we have to offer this year.

Life-Long Learning Opportunities!

Life-long learning is a core value of Judaism and an integral part of the Mount Zion Temple Vision Statement.  The MaZAL committee, in co-sponsorship with other committees, offers many enriching choices in pursuit of life-long learning during the coming year.

You will find opportunities to study sacred texts, the Hebrew language, Torah chanting; to explore Jewish values, rituals and spirituality, the culture, life and history of Israel, and cultural topics as seen through a Jewish lens; and to participate in interfaith and social justice learning and discussions.

Whoever you are, whatever your interests and wherever you may be in your Jewish journey, we have one or more programs that we hope will inspire you and entice you to take advantage of these learning opportunities.

About our name: MaZAL

The word mazal, often pronounced with a Yiddish inflection, “mazel” as in “mazel tov,” comes from the Hebrew word which means “luck”.  In truth, the word means “a group of stars’ or a “constellation.”  Medieval Jews paid close attention to the “mazalot,” the constellations, and in fact, we find representation of the constellations throughout the ancient Jewish world.  Jews have always found meaning in astrology, as it represented the vast possibilities of the world created by God.  As countless are the stars in the night sky, so too, are the paths of Jewish study.  As we partake in adult Jewish learning, we offer a few of those paths, leaving many more for tomorrow.  It is our MaZAL to learn.  Come learn and enjoy!

Scholarships are available for all MaZAL classes. Please call 651-698-3881.

Mussar at Mount Zion

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Torah Study

Torah at the Center… Every week, three times to study Torah. Stop by anytime to anyone. No experience/background necessary. Torah Mondays Rabbi Esther Adler, 12:00-1:00 p.m. (ongoing) at Mount Zion Take a lunch break from your busy life and join … Continue reading »

Bloom Library

Bob Epstein has been Mount Zion’s librarian for over a decade, cataloging one of the largest and most extensive collections of Judaica in the Twin Cities. You are welcome to come to the library to read current periodicals, take advantage … Continue reading »

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