Retreats and Shabbatonim

3rd Grade:

3rd graders have the opportunity to participate in a Saint Paul community-wide Shabbaton. 3rd graders from Beth Jacob, Mount Zion, Talmud Torah, and Temple of Aaron join together for a Shabbat experience, culminating in a special havdallah ceremony.

4th and 5th Grades:

4th and 5th graders share Shabbat with students in their grade from Mount Zion and Talmud Torah. Over the course of a Shabbat, spent at Mount Zion, students learn, play, and make lasting friendships.

6th Grade:

6th graders participate in a 6th Grade Family Retreat, held at a retreat center. The weekend is an opportunity for 6th graders and their families to learn more about the B’nei Mitzvah process and to study their specific Torah portion in preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

7th Grade:

7th graders are offered the chance to experience Shabbat in a different way at the Day Apart Shabbaton in early fall. Students will spend a Shabbat getting to know their classmates and learning about the importance of taking a day apart from the rest of their week’s activities.

In the spring, 7th graders also participate in the Sacred Choices Shabbaton. The content of this Shabbaton includes comprehensive Jewish sex education all framed within Reform Jewish values, and it is a fun and bonding retreat for all.

8th and 9th Grades:

8th and 9th graders are invited to take part in the Torah Trekkin’ Shabbaton. This Shabbaton is a spiritual wilderness adventure at Myre Big Island State Park. Teens learn about Judaism and the environment, hike, canoe, sleep in tents, and enjoy the stars.

10th Grade:

10th graders participating in Confirmation take part in a weekend retreat at OSRUI in the fall.

11th and 12th Grades:

11th graders have a chance to travel to and through New York with your Confirmands and Rabbi Spilker on the Post-Confirmation New York Trip. They take in a play, recite Kaddish at Ground Zero, walk through the Lower East Side, cross Delancy Street, and more.

11th and 12th graders also participate in the Sacred Choices Gimmel Shabbaton. The content of this weekend includes a refresher on the basics of comprehensive Jewish sex education, as well as a chance to delve deeper into Sacred Choices affecting their lives now.

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