11th and 12th Grade Information

Chai School is all about your Jewish Life!

Chai School stands on three pillars:
Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Chasidim.

Credit-based system:
Chai School completion is based on credits, rather than attendance. In this way if a student has (for example) basketball or theater during one season, he or she may elect to take the bulk of that year’s ‘credits’ during a different season. Students are also welcome to choose to participate without receiving credits.

A “complete year” in Chai School is 36 credits for 7-10th graders. You are encouraged to take enough credits to have a complete year, but the only year that is required is 10th grade if you participate in Confirmation. If you complete 11th and 12th grade you will graduate from Chai School and receive a special gift and certificate and a recommendation letter from Mount Zion for college and scholarships.

11th and 12th Grades: 36 Credits over 2 years

Recognizing that during 11th and 12th grade many students will be traveling to find a college that fits, engaged in positions of responsibility in their high schools, writing college entrance essays, very busy with their academic commitments, and possibly engaged in paid employment, during these years the credit expectation for a complete year is half that of the previous years.

The most exciting opportunities for 11th and 12th graders are:

  • 11th Grade New York Trip
  • Sacred Choices Gimel: Weekend Program

12th Grade culminates in a Friday evening Senior Send-off and Graduation Service in April. One 12th grade student will be invited to deliver the d’var Torah, Chai school graduates receive special gifts, and all seniors will be asked to share their plans for the coming year.

Gender-based Program

NEW for 2015-2016/5776!
Kickoff Meeting September 27th
Meets once a month (Dates TBD based on group).

Description: Our gender greatly affects the way we interact with our world. Our gender may provide us with privileges or disadvantages in our personal and professional lives. The different genders often face different challenges when navigating through life. Though mixed-gender discussions are very important, there is great value in discussing these topics with those who share the same gendered experiences, particularly more sensitive topics.

We will meet as separate groups led by a Jewish Educator/mentor of the same gender. The groups will spend time building relationships and trust before moving onto to more in-depth discussion. Each meeting will look at issues affecting our teens currently and in the near future through a gendered lens; the topics will also be framed within Jewish text and values.

Mentorship Program

Kickoff Meeting September 20th
Meets as large group 2-3 times throughout the year, Mentor/mentee pairs will meet every 1-2 months per their own schedules.

Description: Our 11th and 12th graders are at a point in their lives where they are exploring and discovering their interests and passions.  They are looking ahead to their futures and considering what they may want to spend their life doing.  Our active adult community at Mount Zion Temple has a wealth of knowledge and talent from which our eldest teens can learn.

This mentorship program will connect our teens with adults in the community who have experience in fields that these teens are interested in.  By pairing teens and adults, the teens will gain knowledge and skills in a field of interest, while also seeing how their mentors actively engage in their Judaism.  All mentors will be adults from the Mount Zion community who are skilled, knowledgeable and passionate as well as actively engaged in Jewish life.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Contact Liza Henry, Youth Engagement Associate, by e-mail or at 651-698-3881.

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