Sixth Grade

The goals for our students as they complete the sixth grade year of our religious school program are rooted in our understanding of bar/bat mitzvah as a transitional moment in Jewish life. While a successful bar/bat Mitzvah ceremony is a rich part of a person’s Jewish experience, preparation for the ceremony itself is only part of our program. Even more important is preparing students for lifelong Jewish living and learning. Our goals during sixth grade are:

  • To prepare our young people for comfortable participation and leadership in our Shabbat worship service.
  • To prepare our youth to lead each other in teen services during grades 7-12.
  • To provide students with the tools for reading and understanding Torah.
  • To use Jewish sources and terminology as a framework for thinking about our world and for translating thought into action.
  • To acknowledge a change in status in the eyes of the Jewish community for students entering seventh grade, many of who will publicly celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah during the course of the school year.
  • To foster a sense of community among students.
  • To deepen the relationships between students, Mount Zion and the larger community.

Judaic Studies

Our Judaic Studies curriculum is built on the foundational concepts of Torah (study), Avodah (worship), and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness). While all grades learn within these three areas, each grade’s curriculum emphasizes a specific topic and has a few values and holidays that tie into this topic and are studied more in depth.

Students in sixth grade learn the story of the modern Jewish people from the mid-19th century thru today, including the formation of the Reform Movement. By learning the recent history of our people, students begin to understand decisions about their own Judaism and the reasons behind rituals and beliefs.   Students learn about the values of Tzedek/Justice and Rodeif Shalom/Seeking Peace. They will also focus on the holidays of Sukkot, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Yom HaShoah, and Yom Ha’Zikaron.

Hebrew Studies

Students in Sixth grade continue their learning in the Reform movement’s Hebrew Curriculum, Mitkadem. Students will continue their learning wherever they left off at the end of the year. Students in the Mount Zion Hebrew Program are expected to complete three Ramot (levels) per year. Students in sixth grade should complete Ramot 6 (Torah blessings), 18 (Torah service) & 19 (Haftarah blessings).

Special in Sixth Grade

  • Students in sixth grade are expected to attend at least five Shabbat services per year, including two on Shabbat morning.
  • Students in the sixth grade have a variety of unique programs to prepare them for B’nei Mitzvah (B’nei Mitzvah Orientation, Sixth Grade Family Retreat (Saturday-Sunday), D’var Torah Workshop, Tallit Workshop, Family Workshop- Putting God on the Guest List).
  • Parents/guardians with students in the sixth grade attend Hebrew Conferences once during the year).
  • Students in the sixth grade celebrate their graduation from the Hebrew program at the Dalet Siyyum, this year on May 21. 2017.


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