8th and 9th Grade Information

Chai School is all about your Jewish Life!

Chai School stands on three pillars:
Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Chasidim.

Credit-based system:
Chai School completion is based on credits, rather than attendance. In this way if a student has (for example) basketball or theater during one season, he or she may elect to take the bulk of that year’s ‘credits’ during a different season. Students are also welcome to choose to participate without receiving credits.

A “complete year” in Chai School is 36 credits for 7-10th graders. You are encouraged to take enough credits to have a complete year, but the only year that is required is 10th grade if you participate in Confirmation. If you complete 11th and 12th grade you will graduate from Chai School and receive a special gift and certificate and a recommendation letter from Mount Zion for college and scholarships.

8th and 9th Grades: 36 Credits each year

8th and 9th graders have the option of electives on Wednesdays from 5:45-7:15 p.m. Most students will take these classes. Additionally, there are many opportunities they may choose for learning within a community with other Mount Zion students and Independent Learning. Students should earn at least 6 Credits in each of the following learning areas during 8th and 9th grades:

  • Israel
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Sacred Texts
  • Arts and Culture
  • Reform Judaism
  • Ethics and Values

Modern Hebrew may count for credit in any area and can be taken through Midrasha at Talmud Torah or through the JCC or other approved venue.

A variety of opportunities may count for the learning areas.

There are exceptions to these expectations for students with an IEP or who need accommodation.

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