Bar and Bat Mitzvah

When a child becomes a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, he/she symbolically leaves childhood and joins temple life as an adult. The ceremony itself is the celebration of a beginning, as the child starts to take responsibility for his/her own Jewish identity. Your entire family is invited to participate, which creates a cherished and memorable experience.

More details can be found in our 2017-18 B’nei Mitzvah Parent Handbook.

For the next class year (2018-2019) handbook, effective on August 1, 2018, read the following:

2018-19 B’nei Mitzvah Parent Handbook.

Our Core Shabbat Service Prayers
(from the B’nei Mitzvah CD)

Now you can listen to some of our core prayers on your iPod or other mp3 device. They are now available to download as an mp3 file, as well as the corresponding Hebrew text pdf file. You can listen to the recordings below. To save them, right click on the title and choose “save as link” to save on your computer. For the Hebrew text pdf files click here.

B’nei Mitzvah Prayer Recordings

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Documents

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Bar-Bat Mitzvah Honors Form

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