When a child becomes a B’nei Mitzvah, they symbolically leave childhood and join synagogue life as an adult. The ceremony itself is the celebration of a beginning, as the child starts to take responsibility for their own Jewish identity.

We will work with each family individually to ensure that the ceremony and celebration is a memorable day for all sides of the family Jewish, other faith, or no faith. It is also, importantly, a day for our community and we encourage all classmates and families to attend.

At Mount Zion, we have created a B’nei Mitzvah journey that engages the entire family in the 6th grade year (or the year prior to becoming B’nei Mitzvah). Read one of the below handbooks to learn more.

Our Core Shabbat Service Prayers
(from the B’nei Mitzvah CD)

Now you can listen to some of our core prayers on your iPod or other mp3 device. They are now available to download as an mp3 file, as well as the corresponding Hebrew text pdf file. You can listen to the recordings below. To save them, right click on the title and choose “save as link” to save on your computer. For the Hebrew text pdf files click here.

B’nei Mitzvah Prayer Recordings