Mazel tov! There is wonder, gratitude, joy, and sleeplessness when welcoming a child into your life.

Our clergy look forward to working with families to create a home-based ceremony to celebrate the birth or adoption of a child. Please contact our clergy through their assistant Terese McCauley to talk by phone or in person. We can provide recommendations for a mohel (the person who performs circumcision).

For boys, the Brit Milah/circumcision happens on the 8th day and includes both the covenant and naming ceremonies. For girls, we encourage a covenant/naming ceremony also on the 8th day. We can discuss options individually; we will gladly provide a certificate and a gift. Adoptions can include a similar ceremony.

Great Expectations: A Program for Expecting Parents

Great Expectations is an opportunity for expectant individuals and couples to meet in an intimate setting for a Jewish perspective on pregnancy, birth, baby namings, bris and what it means to be a new parent. It is a chance to share their concerns, questions and ideas as well as get advice about prayers to bring to the hospital, Hebrew names, and ways to connect to the synagogue and Judaism with their new families. If interested, please contact Cantor Strauss-Klein.

Learn more about birth rituals.