Becoming a Jew

Each person’s path is unique. Some, born as Jews, discover their Judaism as a meaningful part of their identity and seek ways to deepen their connection. Some family members who are not Jewish are “fellow travellers” and join in Mount ZIon life and contribute to the vitality of our congregation. Others who come to Judaism through a relationship or a spiritual journey, find that Judaism is the right home to live out their lives.

At Mount Zion, our rabbis work with people who wish to consider conversion. In general, the process involves study, observance and becoming integrating in the Mount Zion community. It often takes at least a year, but may be catered based on individual experiences with Judaism.

To learn more, please contact Rabbi Esther Adler at 651-698-3881 to set up a time to meet.

You may also look at the materials from our national Reform movement which address many shared questions about the process of conversion.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Jewish people.