Accessibility and Inclusion

At Mount Zion Temple our doors are open. We are a diverse, inclusive community. We strive to remove barriers and increase accessibility and inclusion for those with varying abilities. Let us know how we can help you participate more fully in our community.

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URJ Recognition and Articles

How My Daughter Persevered on Her Bat Mitzvah Day

Mount Zion Temple being nationally recognized for Exemplary Efforts in the Inclusion of People with Disabilities


Articles from Iton Tziyon

January-February 2014 (page 12)

September 2014 (page 11)

October-November 2014 (pages 5, 18)

December-January 2014-15 (page 8)

February 2015 (pages 8-9)

High Holiday Days Information (page 4)

November/December 2015 (page 17)

January/February 2016 (p. 17)

LINK to find out what Jewish Organizations are doing nationally: The Ruderman Family Foundation, Jewish Disability and Inclusion, and The URJ’s Disabilities Inclusion Learning Center

(Positions, Areas of Interest, Contact Information)

  • Allyson Perling, Chair (Education, Oversight) – e-mail
  • Joan Ostrove, Chair-Elect (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) – e-mail
  • Cantor Spilker (Clergy Liaison, Outreach) – e-mail
  • Anne Starr (Mobility and Liaison for Event Planning) – e-mail
  • Sheri Frisque (Vision) – e-mail
  • Mavis Goldstein (Food Sensitivities) – e-mail
  • Liza Henry (Youth Engagement Associate, Mental Health) – e-mail
  • Susan Summit (Education Director) – e-mail
  • Al Levin (Co-Chair, Mental Health Taskforce)
  • Anna Fox (Co-Chair, Mental Health Taskforce)
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