Interfaith and Mixed Roots Families

Blessing of Fellow Travelers

A message from mother to daughter:

Interfaith Households Successfully Navigating the Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Mount Zion
“While I’m not a Jewish member of this community, I have been affiliated with Mount Zion through my husband and children. I have been able to observe that as everyone in the community undertakes the obligations of Jewish life, they are supported not only by family, but by the Mount Zion community, and by the larger Jewish community as well. I have seen firsthand how Mount Zion strives to become a community that will help its members understand the promises that are making and how to fulfill those promises. The people here support each other in fulfilling the obligations of Jewish life. This shouldn’t be seen a burden but as a way to become a stronger community – especially to young people such as Zipporah and those gathered with her today.”
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