LGBTQ Members

Our Doors are Open

We are a diverse and inclusive community

We welcome all who seek to experience and celebrate Judaism including people of all abilities, interfaith families and LGBTQ individuals, couples, and families. We invite you to participate actively in our community.

Mount Zion’s Board of Directors’ Inclusion Priority:
LGBTQ Inclusion Task Force Report to the Board

April 10, 2012 / 19 Nisan 5772 / 3rd Day of the Omer

URJ Transgender Inclusion Resolution, November 2015


Articles and Books on Transgender Inclusion

In the Image of God:
Sexual and Gender Identity at Home in Synagogue and State

Kol Nidre 5772, October 7, 2011, Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker Spilker

Mount Zion’s “Vote No” Efforts 2012
Rabbi Spilker’s MN Senate Testimony on the Constitutional Amendment on Marriage

Mount Zion Members Speak about Marriage Amendment – Feb 2012

Letter to Congregation — Taking a Stand

Rabbi’s Oppose MN Marriage Amendment

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