Special Services

Shiva traditionally 7 days and nights, is the period of time after someone dies when family members receive guests for consolation in their home. Each night of shiva there is a service for the mourners to say Kaddish. Many of our members have 2 or 3 nights of shiva.

Cemetery Services occur twice a year, once during the High Holy Day season (check the calendar for this year’s specific date) and on Memorial Day to remember our Veteran’s. These services, led by our clergy, take place at Mount Zion’s cemetery on Payne and Larpenteur.

Healing Services take place a couple of times each year and provide an opportunity for caregivers, family members and individuals with illness to focus on prayers for healing of body, soul and spirit.

Learners’ Services happen 3-4 times per year on a Shabbat morning when there is no bar/bat mitzvah. During these services the clergy focus on the structure of the service, one particular prayer or a specific aspect of liturgy. Members of the congregation are encouraged to ask questions throughout the service.

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