MZ Small Groups are a great way to get to know a small group of people. Formed around interests, needs, geography, life stage, or profession, they can be done in the home, in an office, or anywhere in the greater Twin Cities. Some groups might focus on a topic of support, learning, or a Jewish experience. Others might be about sports, making crafts, attending arts events, and more! It’s up to you!

Consisting of anywhere between 3-18 people, groups meet regularly, with the number, frequency, dates, and location of meetings determined by the group.

Amateur String Music Ensemble

Led by Michael Chauss

I am looking to form a small ensemble (string quartet, piano quintet, piano quartet) to play together for fun. I would like to keep it very casual. Ideally, we would get together every couple of weeks to practice and enjoy playing music together.

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Bicycling through the Twin Cities

Led by Sue Benfield & Shel Finver

The Twin Cities features many bicycling trails and opportunities to explore by bike.

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Led by Richard A Newmark

We will help arrange bridge games at locations to be determined by the group (possibly at individual homes).

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Classical Music Lovers Group

Led by Stephen Levin

A group for Classical Music lovers within the congregation to meet monthly and join together in activities involving classical music, such as attending concerts and lectures. The group will select the monthly activities at its first meeting.

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Conscious Aging for Women

Led by Joni Abramson

A womens' circle with focus on life transitions and challenges associated with aging. "We will blend joy + humor + blessings of our aging process into our circle."

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Couples Progressive Dinner Small Group

Led by Bruce Matza

Couples take turns planning the cocktail hour, main course and dessert while couples enjoy each course at a different home. This group is currently full. If would like to start a similar group reach out to Shai Avny.

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Experienced students of Mussar

Led by Lisa Taran-Maddy

Experienced students of Mussar are planning for next spring to have a group for other former Mussarians

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Grandparents and Grandkids Together

Led by Yvonne Lerew

This group will go on fun and meaningful outings that grandkids (from Kindergarten to 3rd grade) and grandparents (of all ages) can enjoy together. Activities would be varied in type and both Jewish-oriented and secular. We’ll plan to get together about every other month and likely plan outings on Sunday afternoons.

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Healing and Cancer – A Still Kickin Affiliate Community Group

Led by Jennifer L Wall, Karen Gjerstad and Liz Stein

Cancer Support Group for all stages of healing

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Helping our Teens Prepare for the Post High School Years

Led by Marta D Shore

We are a support group for parents of students in their Junior or Senior years of High School, looking to share resources to help our children transition to the next phase of their life while maintaining their Jewish identity.

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Israel Book Club

Led by Jonathan Eisenthal

The group seeks to understand the life and the land of Israel through its own literature

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Jewish Genealogy

Led by Phil Goldman

Our group will meet periodically for discussions, workshops, field trips, presentations and speakers on the topic of genealogy research, including in particular Jewish genealogy, together with the array of non-Jewish histories a diverse membership such as ours may want to explore.

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Jews Go to the Woods

Led by Dan Schibel

A group looking to spend more time in nature. Once we have people joined we will determine people's interests. Ideas include: camping, hiking, skiing, canoeing, orienteering. Anyone is welcome to join.

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Kosher Pickle Ball- the group is postponed until the spring time

Led by Adam Bahr

Learn to play Pickle Ball with a bunch of awesome Jews! If you've never played imagine a combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton and you'll be getting close.

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Learning and Acting for Immigrant Justice and Criminal Justice Reform

Led by Jacob Kraus

Together, we will learn about how the immigration enforcement and criminal justice systems interact on the United States, and what impact that has on those who call Minnesota home. We will also reflect on what this reality means for us as Jews and as members of Mount Zion, as well as what we can do in our own communities to make them safe and welcoming for everyone.

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Let’s Cook, Bake and Eat!!!

Led by Deborah F Moses

We will learn to cook and bake a variety of Jewish Meals from Ashkenazi, Mizrah and Sephardic traditions We will be also integrating a WZO curriculum which includes seasonal recipes, Israeli Literary Texts, and Jewish Reflection.

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Meditation Group

Led by Brian Borre Kevin Friedberg & Jared Miller

This group is open to all who have an interest in meditation, mindfulness, and a desire for community in a Jewish setting. 25 minutes of silent, non-guided meditation followed by brief 'check-in' on how meditation has/is/could benefit self care and spirituality.

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Musical Theater Group

Led by Toba Lazor

Introducing musical theater to congregants who don't want to pay high price.

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Parents’ Social Group

Led by Rebecca Povarchuk & Andrea Freidberg

Kids need a village and so do parents! Parents of kids 18 and under are invited to socialize at adults-only and family-friendly events.

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Random Men Noshing

Led by Phil Goldman and Jon Strauss

Looking for guys that are interested in taking part in 'random nosh' sessions with other MZ guys. We will create a master list of 20-30 (or more) of those interested, in order to then reshuffle, breakdown, and distribute that list every 2-3 months into a listing of smaller subgroups (5-6 guys each). The random groups will take it upon themselves to have one get together (e.g., breakfast) over that time period, at whatever time and location works best for them all. Then repeating the process again every 2-3 months. Providing an easy and fun way to meet and connect with other men around temple, and hopefully even form some new, lasting relationships.

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Resilience and Thriving while living with serious illness and/or disability

Led by Rosita Albert

I envision this as a learning and support group. I hope that we can increase our resilience through readings, watching videos, and engaging in other activities. I also hope we will provide support for each other.

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Scrabble Group

Led by Rita Levin

Find a great Scrabble match in this small group

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Shabbat afternoons with Jewish movies

Led by Kate Cavett

Sharing Jewish movies on the second Shabbat of the month November - April 3 pm – 6pm

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The Red Sea Pedestrians

Led by Cole Hanson

Run from your responsibilities with Mount Zion! We're a low-stress running club that always starts at Mount Zion.

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Working to Combat Bigotry, Racism, Xenophobia, and/or Demonization of “the other”

Led by Rosita Albert

Members will contact relevant organizations, such as the AntiDefamationLeague, and other minority communities, to assess what is being done, what more can be done, and to advocate for greater acceptance and understanding of minority communities in our country.

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MZ Small Groups can be started by any Mount Zion member. If you would like to lead a group, we are happy to offer you training, workshops, and ongoing coaching support. You’ll never be alone in this process.

Inclusion/Accessibility: We are committed to the values of accessibility and inclusion. As we start our initiative for MZ Small Groups and are enabling anyone to create something engaging, some groups may not work for everyone. Please be in touch with Shai if you have any questions or suggestions.

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